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finally! you can cook a professional delicious gourmet meal lightning-fast, without slaving crazy hours in your kitchen…30 minutes or less!

My goal was set and I tried a new recipe every day – creating a meal and then finding a way to shorten the recipe’s directions. Thus, creating intricate, yet delicious meals you can make in under 30 minutes!



Dear Friend,

Let’s face it, making a delicious gourmet meal is tough!

There’s no doubt, cooking is probably one of the most difficult trades to learn. And yet, it’s not rocket science; cooking a delicious meal you see on television is next to impossible to create under 30 minutes…and did I mention very difficult!

Of course, some people will tell you to order some food out. WRONG! Ordering out again and again will leave your wallets emptier than a water jug in the Sahara Desert.

However, the big problem is most books on cooking a delicious and quick meal mostly revolve around burgers, fries, and pizza, which can be delicious sometimes…but not healthy to have every day of the week.

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